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#0, help a girl out :)
Posted by Natalli_Nympho on 18-Aug-11 at 01:43 AM
LAST EDITED ON 18-Aug-11 AT 01:51 AM (PST)

(you may need to type the address in the browser yourself.)

im entering a contest for a popular mens mag. click the link above and vote "5" for me please. it takes 2 seconds!! thanks for the support. Natalli


#1, RE: help a girl out :)
Posted by Natalli_Nympho on 19-Aug-11 at 04:03 PM
In response to message #0
Damn ok every bitch for themselves I guess. I thought pink book girls were all in the same support of system. Guess not.

#2, RE: help a girl out :)
Posted by HottestLatinaLover on 19-Aug-11 at 08:46 PM
In response to message #1
Oh wow, I would have totally voted for you had I seen your posting in time. I guess you didnt give us enough time to see this before coming back with some catty remark. So because of that, I wont be voting now.

Good luck though.

#3, RE: help a girl out :)
Posted by naughtymercedes on 20-Aug-11 at 00:51 AM
In response to message #0
you know to be honest, I did try to vote yestarday. But the link wasnt right or something.

But gessshh, no need to get all crabbie patty on us....

good luck.

Game Time...

#4, RE: help a girl out :)
Posted by sweetnewnikkilove on 20-Aug-11 at 10:30 AM
In response to message #3
Tried to vote, guess it was too late. Will you be entering again?